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Study Advice: Grammar

Study Advice: Grammar

Many students say they want to improve their grammar, but they don’t know how. Like vocabulary, you can learn grammar better when you see it in real English contexts, not only the course book.

Here are some examples of what English learners say about grammar:

“I want to speak fast but I can’t when I think about grammar!”

“I always make the same mistakes, every day”

“We learn so much every week – how can I practise?”

“I don’t know how to use grammar in real life”

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...focus on just one mistake you want to improve every day.
...practise new grammar in sentences you will remember (think of strange/personal/amazing examples!).
...do the exercises in your book/CD Rom/online at least twice a week.
...write down/take pictures of examples of grammar in daily life – on the bus, street signs, in advertising, everywhere!